Welcome to the Informatics Interactive Multimedia Showcase

The Informatics IM11 Digital Media degree show draws together an exciting cluster of skills and abilities from the University of Huddersfield's School of Computing & Engineering Digital Media Subject Area.

Focusing on the BA (Hons) Interactive Multimedia and BSc (Hons) Web Technologies course, the show helps bridge together digital media design and production whilst producing cutting edge interactive online and offline applications that cover visual design/graphics, animation, type, video, sound, 3D, scripting/programming and authoring.

Whilst working both independently and as part of large groups, students are encouraged to consider the wider implications of their creative developments using real world situations and research that centre's around interaction analysis & design, target audience analysis and professional issues. Students also consider the embedded nature of technology and digital media within the realm of social engagement and interaction and develop business and IT skills that equip them for future roles.

As we look forward to our students continuing professional development and the contributions they will make within the growing field of digital media, this show is open to all and aims to benefit both students and prospective employers from within the industry.

Venue, Date & Time

Thursday 7th April, at 6:00pm in Canalside West (CWG/11)
School of Computing and Engineering, Firth Street, HD1 3DH

Food & Drink

We will be serving food and light refreshments


FREE EVENT - Open invitation


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